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Marine Litter Awareness Through Learning By Doing Together (MALIA) is an Erasums+ funded program focusing on marine litter awareness.

The project has three main objectives:

– to enhance integration between four educational centers and four local civil association networks towards enhancing intercultural competences on marine science and community participatory outreach.

– to reinforce teacher role and professional development while providing an opportunity to design open educational materials linking outdoor community actions and acquisition of skills and competences from a holistic approach. Through this objective innovation on a digital era and practical science skills will be build in four countries in different environmental and cultural contexts having marine conservation practices as a common ground to be included on the official curriculum.

– to introduce a systemic approach to reinforce European educational dissemination practices by increasing synergies amongst national and international networks and developing effective and innovative challenge based learning through the use of ICT studying real life cases and outdoor community actions around marine litter and trash free seas.

Members of this transnational network will be involved in activities related to marine sciences and community participation.