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Posted by Teresita Gravina on 19 November 2018

On the 22nd of October, schools and NGO from participants countries attended the  OpeningCeremony of the second meeting of the Erasmus project, Marine litter awareness learning by doing together.

The Opening ceremony was under the auspices of the Cypriot Minster of Nautical affaires Mrs. Natasa Pelidis who presented her opening speech on the effects of microplastic on the marine ecosystems. The National channel news program showed our activities.



The ceremony started with a short UN video summarizing the causes as well as the effects that single use plastics have on the marine environment. The principal of the school welcomed the teams from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus, which introduced themselves and their city. The opening ceremony was concluded with two traditional Cypriot songs, performed by the school’s choir.

On the 23nd of October we went to the Faros beach in Paphos for the beach cleanup activity: each team collected the litter encountered within the area assigned and, using a scientific protocol, the litter was separated into categories and each piece of plastic was counted. Following the beach cleanup activity we returned to school where we analyzed the data collected and discuss about how to presents the activity and results to a general audience.


On the 24nd of October, we met with the Mayor of Paphos at Town Hall. The mayor thanked us for our work in this area and emphasized that the uncontrolled use of single use plastics causes many environmental problems and leads to the degradation of our environment.  Then we had the opportunity to visit the Paphos Archeological area, where students from Italy, Portugal and Spain learnt about the history of the city.



On the 25nd of October, we visited the Cypriot Center for Environmental studies in Akrotiri. There we were informed about the Akrotiri peninsula’s Natural Reserve.

Later on we were involved in educational activities at the salt lake. In the evening we had our farewell party with the participation of both students and teachers.



On the 26nd of October was held the Closing ceremony during which everyone had their certificates of attendance.


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