Paredes, 6-10 of May 2019

Posted by Teresita Gravina on 23 May 2019

The Malia+ Project had its last exchange-week on 6-10 of May 2019.
On Monday, the Paredes High School organised the welcoming reception: in the school’s auditorium of the school it unfolded with speeches, dance and lots of music. Students from the Paredes Conservatory of Music, from Vale do Sousa Conservatory of Dance as well as the Music teacher and singer Daniela Costa delighted the audience.

In the afternoon, the Malia’s teachers, the NGO patners and the students were received by Dr. Paulo Silva, the entitled councilor of the Educacion and Sports at Paredes Town Hall, representing the mayor of Paredes.

On Tuesday we went to Cabedelo beach, in Vila Nova de Gaia for the beach cleanup activity. This beach was chosen because of the relation between the plastic pollution in the sea and the trash carried by the river that deposites on the sand.

Before lunch, we firstly visited one of the most famous beaches in Portugal, Praia do Senhor da Pedra, in Miramar, Vila Nova de Gaia and then Gaia Biological Park, where we had lunch. In the afternoon we went to ELA- Estação Litoral da Aguda, where we saw a great variety of fish in aquariums and lots of fishing material used by fishermen in the area. We went back to the Gaia Biological Park to do a fantastic animal-watch hike.

On Wednesday, we went to CIIMAR. We attended two lectures on plastics and microplastics in the environment and remediation measures. You will found more information on this activity on CIIMAR website.

In the afternoon, we went on a boat trip on the Douro River under its six famous bridges.

On Thursday morning, teachers and NGO partners met at the school to work on the Malia project. In the meantime, the students were doing artwork with the plastics garbage collected on the beach of Cabedelo.

In the afternoon we went to the historic city of Guimarães. We visited Guimarães Castle, that dates back to the Country Foundation, and the impressive and rich palace, Paços dos Duques de Bragança. After the city sightseeing we visited the Laboratory of Landscape of Guimarães.

On Friday, May 10, we held the final ceremony of this meeting.
A presentation of the results of the beach collection of waste, the delivery of diplomas and speeches from teachers, researchers and students concluded the work. There was also the presentation of Joana Monteiro, an employee of the Zouri factory that makes footwear from plastics collected on beaches.

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