About the project


Marine litter awareness hands on actions through learning by doing  (MALIA) is a two year funded Erasmus+ project, started in January 2018 that aims to include marine conservation practices and marine litter educational guidelines in the national school curriculum from 4 EU countries (Portugal, Cyprus, Italy and Spain). To enhance intercultural competences on marine science and community participatory outreach, four educational centers and four local civil society associations will work together in the next two years.

The main goal of the project is to improve students and teachers awareness on marine litter problems. To achieve this purpose, we are working on the production of educational materials, to reinforce teacher role and professional development while providing an opportunity to design open educational resources. A holistic approach will connect outdoor community actions, acquisition of skills and competences and practical citizen science skills in different environmental and cultural contexts.

The project aims at promoting the use of Ocean Conservancy protocol, producing an appropriate version for the Mediterranean coast. This protocol will be used during the four international students exchanges. During each students exchange, schools and associations will be involved in beach cleanup inviting local communities to participate actively . This activity will increase the amount of and quality of data on marine litter in some sites of Mediterranean coast plus one site on the Atlantic Ocean  and improve the awareness of students and local communities about marine litter. 

In this website you would find the news about the project, our activities, results and the material produced.

Some of the coordinators from Schools and Associations in first meeting in Porto (Portugal)