AIRIcerca is an association of Italian researchers which forms a networking platform for thousands of Italians that study and hold research-related jobs from around the world. We promote scientific collaborations, exchange of professional information, and cultivate the role of scientists in popular science.

Ambiente Europeo  (AAE) is a Spanish non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the environment through projects based on the creation of social awareness about environmental problems and the ability of citizens to contribute to its solution. AAE is the Spanish coordinator of Ocean Conservancy  International Coastal Cleanup project, the world  largest volunteer effort on behalf of ocean and waterway health.

AKTI  is a Project and Research Centre based in Nicosa, was established in 2000 by a group of environmental experts. Our work focuses on applied environmental research, environmental awareness-raising and promotion of sustainability through green and blue development.AKTI has many years of experience and participation in many national and European projects, focusing on promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly behavior to children and immigrants, and promoting bi-communal dialogue in Cyprus through environmental education.

CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research – is a leading research and advanced training institution of the University of Porto, working at the frontier of Ocean Knowledge and Innovation. CIIMAR fosters an integrated approach to Ocean and coastal areas promoting the understanding and knowledge of Biological, Physical and Chemical dynamics of these environments and the impact of natural and human activities, aiming to unravel the links between these processes, grasp Ocean and ecosystems functioning and responses to Global Changes. CIIMAR uses knowledge-based approaches to promote the natural capital and the sustained management of marine resources through monitoring of ecosystems health, optimization of aquaculture, and biotechnological exploitation of the resources for environmental and human health applications. CIIMAR provides innovative solutions and products responding to current economic and societal challenges, including new drugs and marine products for industrial and medicinal needs, water quality, sustainable fisheries, preparedness for and mitigation of oil spills and other emergent contaminants, environmental monitoring & risk assessment, preservation of ecosystems services, ocean & coastal management and Ocean Literacy.

Escola Secundària Paredes  it is a Public Secondary School with almost 2,000 students aged between 12 and 18 and 152 teachers.

Istituto Europeo Aguilas  is a public High school supervised by Education, Training and Employment Regional Ministry of Murcia Region (Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia_ CARM). I.E.S. Europa has secondary education (E.S.O. – Educación Secundaria Obligatoria), higher secondary education (Bachillerato) and professional/ vocational training (Formación Profesional) programmes.

ISIS Fermi is a State High School made up the three Lyceums in Alghero with different branches: Liceo Scientifico “ E Fermi”  (scientific and human science courses) Liceo Classico” Manno” (Linguistic and classical courses) and Liceo Artistico “ Costantino” (Graphics and Architecture courses). The school is attended by  about 1000 students from Alghero and surroundings.

Lyceum A’ Ethnarch Makarios III is a public High school founded in 1905. It’s the oldest running secondary school in Paphos district and the second in all of Cyprus. Currently over than 600 students study in the school which also has a specialized music and athletic department. The school’s faculty is composed by more than 80 teacher from different specialities.